In this case we acted as intermediary for selling a manufacturer of electrical machines (used in for example tramway cars and metro trains) to an international engineering group. This diversified corporation, with small headquarters, asked us to select and evaluate acquisition candidates in Europe in a number of areas in which they wanted to expand their activities. We visited a lot of factories in nearly all European countries, manufacturing metal working tools, wheels and castors, other equipment for internal transportation and manufacturers of electrical machines. Because of growth perspectives and organisational strength, many candidates where deselected. Other owners had very high and unrealistic price expectations. Among others the above mentioned manufacturer of electrical machines has been acquired by our client. We have assisted the client in a first analysis of the company and in valuation of the business.

Suppliers of the Building Construction Business

On request of several companies in the building construction sector we selected and evaluated many potential acquisition targets. Among the targets was a large and complex family owned business. This group was incorporated in a complicated structure of holding and operational companies. We assisted our client in analysing this structure necessary to enable us to valuate the group. This family owned business was bought by one of the leading players in the sector, which also is owned by several families. Apart from this we assisted a large building constructor in buying and integrating one of the most profitable and high tech manufacturers of concrete elements.

Automotive Micro Switches

For a Worldwide Group with headquarters in France we assisted in acquiring a successful German manufacturer of micro switches for the automotive industry. They supply all European car manufacturers and also many of their system suppliers. The company had a complex financial structure. Ownership had been transferred within the family through several generations and several divisions and assets had a separate ownership. We were able to prepare a for parties acceptable valuation and assisted our client through the acquisition