Short profile

D.I.C. Acquisitions specializes For many years in the merger and acquisition of companies. Over more than fifteen years we have assisted many European clients with interesting acquisitions and divestments. Among our clients we have large corporations (up to net sales above € 30 billion) but also medium sized companies.

We advise the client on the method of acquisition. Carry out a search for suitable acquisitions and make an initial investigation of target companies by personal visits, to ascertain that these companies meet financial, organizational and other acquisition criteria of the client. Profiles of targets are then drawn up, to include basic information about the company and its operations as well as a summary of their key financial data.

Meetings with the target company are set up and we advise where necessary on other steps in the acquisition process.

D.I.C. Acquisitions works on 'no-cure no-pay' basis. Fees are paid by the buyer only. The ‘Lehman’ fee scale is based on the total transaction amount or consideration and is as follows: 5% of the 1st € million, 4% of the 2nd € million, 3% of the 3rd € million, 2% of the 4th € million and 1% of the remainder with a Minimum-fee of € 100.000.